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The ideal bike shed

The ühut has been around now for quite a few years, well-loved sheds with a unique design which enables them to be used for many different functions.

They have become the shed choice for architects, designers, artists, craftspeople, body builders, gardeners, teenagers and many more.

a shed with a polycarbonate transparent curved roof
uhut with transparent roof

Furniture workshop in Newtongrange

Our customers have used them as garden workshops, summer garden offices, light and airy potting sheds, garden art studios and even garden observatories.

But a bike storage and maintenance hut is rapidly becoming one of the ühut's most popular uses.

Various ühuts for storing bikes

One fantastic benefit of the high, curved roof of the ühut and the strength of the integrated structure is that it enables bikes to be stored vertically from hangers.

This frees up a lot of space and means that you can get to any of the bikes when needed rather than having to pull all the bikes out to get to the one at the back.

All stacking up to make this the ideal bike shed but read on...

The high roofline also allows other stuff to be stored overhead on our innovative skylight shelving. Thanks to its doubled-up 18mm ply structure and tough, transparent polycarbonate shelf surface it will happily carry up to 100kg whilst still letting through as much light as possible. It even comes with a set of s-hooks so that you can hang waterproofs, spare chains or tools conveniently out of the way.

A render of a uhut shed showing the transparent overhead skylight storage
Render of uhut 688 with skylight storage

Render of 688 with skylight storage

Most people are also, understandably, concerned about bike security.

Although it's almost impossible to create a completely secure bike storage hut, the ühut has several features which are aimed at creating a more secure shed.

For starters, unlike many sheds, the screws and hinge plates for the door are on the inside the shed. This makes it impossible for thieves to unscrew them and remove the door from the outside.

Front elevation of uhut 8813 showing hidden hinges & internally mounted rim lock
Front elevation of uhut 8813 showing hidden hinges & internally mounted rim lock

Front elevation of uhut 8813 showing hidden hinges & internally mounted rim lock

Secondly, the lock we provide is an internally mounted rim lock. This again means that it can't be removed from the outside and also helps to deter the opportunistic thief. (It also looks a lot better too!)

The walls of the ühut are up to 41mm thick and constructed from a sandwich of curved poplar ply inner leaf, tough-woven waterproof membrane and 16mm thick clinker-laid outer cladding. This means that unlike a regular shed, its really difficult to punch a hole through.

Exploded diagram of a uhut showing triple layer construction where the waterproofing is guaranteed by a membrane  the inside

Possibly the uhut's most beautiful and multi-pupose feature, though, is its UV-protected curved polycarbonate skylight.

By covering the entire roof, it allows the ühut to flood with sunlight throughout the year.

Whole roof skylight

But this design feature also has many positive side effects.

Firstly, there is no need for windows in a uhut. This is great for security as nobody can see what you are storing in the shed. Opportunistic robbers won't take the time to break in if they can't spot anything worth stealing. Today, many store valubles such as bikes or expensive equiptment in their shed, so a secure structure is paramount.

Secondly, when you are in the hut working you can close the door to passers-by but still see the intricate pieces of the deralia you are over-hauling.

For customers who want to ensure further peace-of-mind and bike security, we recommend the installation of the simple but highly effective shed-shackle.

A daigram highlighting the implementation of a shed shackle in a uhut.
Red shed-shackle with additional chain in-situ

Red shed-shackle with additional chain in-situ

This is an innovative hardened steel shed anchor which bolts into the fabric of the ühut. The nuts which secure it shear off during installation so that there is no way it can be unscrewed.

With an appropriate chain, this police-approved shed security anchor adds another level of bike protection for your ühut.

(This needs to be ordered before the hut is delivered as it cannot be installed once the hut is completed - it's bolted on beneath the exterior cladding).


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