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Order your ühut today


We currently charge £75 for delivery to anywhere in the Edinburgh area.

We add an extra charge for the cost of fuel and travel time to anywhere outwith Edinburgh.

All the prices include VAT.

Your ühut will be delivered as a kit and is flat-packed to reduce transportation costs and make it easier to get into hard-to-access gardens & spaces.

(We can even carry it piece-by-piece through your house if you don't have easy access to the back garden).

Booking Deposit

We charge £300 to book an installation and then the balance is charged once you are happy with your new ühut.

Therefore, this section is really here so that you can have a browse at all the things we sell and then let us know what you want when you book your install.

Come & have a look.

Please feel welcome to visit our home where we have a working & well used 888 and an 8810 which will give you a good idea of the extra space and light of a ühut.

Just email or call to make sure there's somebody in. (Weekends and evenings are usually easiest)

Accessory selector

To see how accessories might fit in your hut, try our accessory selector.

Our ühuts

Useful storage & accessories

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