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uhut 688 interior

Come see the light

visit our ühuts

Why not come and see for yourself the benefits of the 5m² skylight, the build quality, how they weather over time and the optional extras available.

arrange a tour

Just drop us a line at ühut to arrange a convenient time.

meet the designer

How often do you get to discuss your needs with the designer of a product?

Choose your extras


Box section for longitudinal strength. Constructed using structural plywood made from cross laminated layers of sustainably produced & fast growing pine

Bike racks

shed storage options

Strong enough to hold up to 4 bikes hanging vertically these enable more efficient use of your hut space.


Made using same method & materials as benches, just narrower.

The more shelving, the more surface area for storing things on...


Vertical windows in the front or back panels made of polycarbonate (200 times stronger than the same thickness of glass) and framed in CLS spruce.

Working Mom

Email us with your order

We'll agree a date

Then we'll send you out an invoice for the deposit.

A £300 deposit

Secures your build appointment.

If the weather is atrocious on the day we'll simply move it to the next day or the next after that. It rarely happens in Scotland but you never know...

Prepare you base

You Prepare your space

Create a level landing pad.

The surface under your ühut needs to be level and flat. If it isn't, this has an impact on the the way the floor feels underfoot and can lead to the walls, door or skylight not fitting properly during construction.

Common, good pads include slabs, retained gravel or hardcore and plastic grids. For the longevity of your hut's joists it's much better if the surface underneath drains well.

30cm space around your hut

In order to screw all the cladding on to your hut we need a minimum of 30cm space between the hut sides and any fences or walls, (we can do it with a little bit less if the border is a hedge).

It's also good for any building to have some breathing room to enable the air to remove moisture from the outside of your hut.

Minimum pad sizes:

We craft your bespoke ühut kit

Hand cut to order

All the wood we use in your kit is high quality. The base is fungal and rot-proofed, as is the cladding.


The door and frame are made from certified & sealed exterior plywood and the flooring is 18mm thick (at least as good as the flooring in most modern houses).


All the structural wood inside is planed Canadian Lumber Standard timber giving a smooth finish and the inner walls are finished in a beautiful hardwood vaneered ply.

part built uhut b&w.jpg

We deliver & build your ühut

It takes 4/5 hours on site

We charge £75 for delivery within Edinburgh and a reasonable rate based on mileage and travel time for areas outwith the city.


We'll arrive with a van, filled with your ühut kit on the day of the build at a mutually agreed time.


Depending on the weather and the site, it should take us between 4 and 5 hours to build.

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