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sustainably sourced exterior plywood

The front and rear panels of the uhut are manufactured from sustainably farmed & fsc certified 7 lamina cross-glued plywood.


It's coated in a matt black sealant when it arrives but due to the smooth finish, it's really quick and easy to paint - we recommend using a roller and giving the front and back a couple of coats - it only takes about 15 minutes per end per coat.

You can use any exterior paint that you might use on the outside of your house but we recommend doing this as soon as you can after your hut is built to ensure your huts longevity.

Heres a link to an online retailer who sell a great range in hundreds of RAL colours:

Compatible paints.

100% renewable energy manufacturing

All the electricity we use for manufacturing is 100% from hydro, wind and solar generation.

When we turn up to build your hut, we've already filled our batteries with the lovely stuff so we don't need to access power on site at all.

built to last longer

The primary aim in designing a product to be a part of a circular economy is longevity.

The longer the wood you build with stays in the form of wood, the longer the carbon forming it stays locked up - it's your own carbon sink.

By having a space in your garden which (because of the amount of light it lets in) can be used for many things, it's use can evolve with your changing lifestyle.

designed & manufactured in scotland

By manufacturing close to where we deliver we can minimise the road miles we cover as a company.

We can also use our native, farmed & renewable supply of softwoods where possible, which further reduces our impact on the planet.

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