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welcome to the ühut

"Sheds have so many more uses when you can see what you are doing".

shed. redesigned from the ground up

uhut 8810 interior

more light

the fantastic 'whole-roof' skylight

Whether you use your shed for storage, as a workshop or as a chill out area, you need to be able to see your stuff.

Almost every shed I've been in doesn't let in enough light.

This is often because the windows are small and not always pointing towards where the sun is.

Therefore we have created a skylight which covers the whole of the top of the ühut.


Depending on the size of the ühut you buy, It's between 4.4m² and 6m² and made of polycarbonate - a transparent plastic which has up to 200 times the strength of glass of the same thickness.

Key to us using polycarbonate is it's long lifespan and the ease in which it can be recycled.

Once you get used to the extra light its easy to understand that there are myriad uses for the airy space a ühut provides.

Our customers to date have bought them to use as art studios, home gyms, bike turbo training rooms, pottery shops, outdoor school equipment stores, gin palaces, German bierhalles, teenager hangouts, for bike storage and maintenance, potting sheds, extra sleeping space for visitors and much more.

water resistance

three-ply cladding

stronger, more water-tight, quieter

The three ply cladding system ensures that your ühut stays dry and protected.

The inner leaf is a 6mm thick plywood liner, creating a light interior but more importantly adding structural integrity.

Next is a layer of waterproof membrane to ensure it's water-tight.

Lastly, we protect the membrane with sustainable softwood cladding, pressure-treated to protect against rot, mould and fungus.

This creates a protective sandwich up to 44mm thick, unique to the ühut.

uhut 888 3-ply

more storage

maximise the space.

Your shed takes up valuable space in your garden.

Whether you just need somewhere to store your stuff or you want a place where you can also have a bench to do the odd bit of work on, it's important to maximise your storage space.

Therefore we have made it easy to add storage and shelving to the ühut. Bike racks (for up to 4 bikes), full length shelving, benches and overhead storage are all easy to incorporate yourself or we can provide as optional extras.

By utilising this 'dead' space, it frees up more of the floorspace.

We also hang the door on Grade 13 hinges.

This means that they can take up to 120Kg of weight and still open gracefully.

Ideal for hanging those long tools like spades, brooms and forks.

less hassle

the waterproofing is on the inside!

Because the waterproof membrane is underneath the outer softwood cladding, the cladding never needs to be treated.

This tough, natural, rustic outer layer simply provides protection for the membrane underneath.

The cladding has already been pressure treated in a process called Celcurisation before we build your ühut and so it is fungus and rot-proofed prior to delivery.

You can just lie back and relax.

You don't even need to replace a cracked and leaking felt roof every five years - the polycarbonate will never suffer from cracks through weathering.

uhut tanelised cladding
Phenolic water.png

more waterproof

demidekk coated exterior ply

The plywood we now use for constructing the front and back of our ühuts is made using 11 cross-glued laminas of sustainably sourced hardwood at its core and is then coated in 3 layers of demidekk architect specified coating.

Demidekk is produced in Norway and is used as a coating specified for protecting wooden houses in Scandinavian climates.

This means that your ühut will have even greater longevity and is water resistant from the get-go.

It's black when it arrives.

We would highly recommend painting your hut with Demidekk to ensure its longevity and can be supplied in a range of thousands of colours.

The Paint Shed supply Demidekk in Edinburgh and Kenny at the Loanhead branch is incredibly helpful and will deliver if you request it. Its expensive paint at about £30 for a litre but this will enable you to give your hut 3 coats on each end and will last for a good 10 years.

more secure

no windows.

A fortuitous side effect of using a skylight is that there is no need for windows.
This means nobody can peer into your shed, casually checking out the contents.

The stainless-steel door hinges are also on the inside and so can't be prized-off to break in.

We also pre-install an internal rim lock as standard to discourage would-be thieves.

uhut 8813
uhut oversiize door.jpg

oversized door

easy getting in and out.

The large but surprisingly light-to-the-touch door enables you to easily get big stuff in and out without too much hassle.

It also means that on those balmy summer nights you can leave the door open and gaze out.

With its grade 13 hinges (which can carry up to 120Kg), there is also plenty of opportunity for hanging spades, rakes and forks on the back of the door.

more fun

unique garden-candy.

Your shed needs to do a job.
It also takes up some of your very valuable outside space.

The smooth surface of the front and rear enable your ühut to be quickly and easily painted so you can turn your it into your unique, funky, bespoke piece of garden eye candy.

No more watery fence stain!

uhut beer halle

more sustainable

FSC & PEFC certified wood & easily recyclable polycarbonate

When you first step into a ühut it becomes obvious what a flexible space it can be.


Over the time that it is sitting in your garden, it can evolve from being a kids play hut to a 'sleepooterie' to an art room and then a regular old shed - why not reuse the building rather than the materials it is made of in the first instance.

All the wood we use is FSC certified which means that it has come from a managed source.

We also try to eek every ounce of use out of each piece of wood - that's why we designed the ühut using standard sized, 'off-the-shelf' materials. This reduces offcuts and waste and maximises the value out of the materials we use.

The polycarbonate we use is fully recyclable and it provides an excellent yield for plastic recycling facilities. The usual process for recycling polycarbonate is to sort, shred, wash, granulate and then compound ready for re-use.

Finally we don't use any bituminous felt.
That means it doesn't need to be renewed every few years, kinder to the environment and less hassle too!

ünique design

stand out from the neighbours.

The ühut looks really different to other sheds but all its attributes have come from an adherence to a form-follows-function approach to its design.

For instance the height above the floor of the horizontal supporting struts is 900mm, the perfect height for a working surface such as a bench.

That means it's easy for us to pop one in for you or for you to add a bench yourself.


Similarly, the black border round the front edge of the ühut creates a stylish edge to the front and rear elevation. However it's really there to clamp the waterproof membrane to the inner cladding, meaning that it doesn't need to be pierced at all. This ensures that each ühut is totally water-tight.


We are constantly thinking about ways in which I can improve the function of the Uhut and the process of building it in order that we can create the best value


uhut observatory

a lifetime of flexibility

your ühut can change with your needs

Because your ühut is a bright, dry, outside space, it's use can evolve over time.

From a play house to a bike room to an art studio to a 'sitooterie' to a potting shed or even a garden observatory, its potential uses can alter to suit your changing needs.

688 storage options.png

plenty of storage options

increase your ühut's capacity

Due to the height of the ühut, the strength of the door hinges and the many optional peripherals, its really easy to maximise the storage capacity of your space.

We can install benches, shelving, bike hangers and overhead plywood & polycarbonate storage.

Its also easy to install your own and we are happy to give you guidance on the easiest and best methods.

688 storage options.png
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We can also arrange viewings of example ühuts by appointment.

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