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"What, a shed with the waterproofing on the inside?"

It seemed counter-intuitive initially but the more we thought about it, the more it made sense.

We needed the Ühut to be water tight, good-looking and low-maintenance.

So we created our very own three-ply cladding system.

Uhut Shed Exploded View

The inner layer is constructed using curved plywood creating a rigid monocoque structure with a clean and beautiful hardwood veneered interior.

The middle layer is a waterproof membrane, keeping the structure watertight whilst enabling condensation-causing water vapour to escape.

The breathable membrane.

Finally, the pressure treated outer cladding protects the membrane and produces a traditional clinker-built finish.

This all means that we avoid having to use regular perishable roofing felt with all the problems linked to it's cracking, environmental impact and short lifespan.

19mm Thick Cladding

The top of this cladding-sandwich is then overlapped by the skylight so that there are no seams through which water can penetrate.

This all means that your Uhut's outer cladding doesn't need to be treated to stop the rain getting in.


The UÜhut: More useful, less hassle by design.

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