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Stores more in your 8'x10' space than a regular shed.

4.8m polycarbonate skylight (used in the manufacture of bulletproof windows!).

Clad in a breathable waterproof membrane.

Above head storage capacity.

Tanelised, rot, mould and infestation-proofed base.

18mm exterior grade plywood.

Monocoque construction.

18mm OSB3 flooring.

FSC certified wood throughout.

Unique design.

Grade 13 door hinges - carry upto 120kg payload.

Sustainable tanelised softwood cladding.

ühut 8810

SKU: uhut8810
    • Three-ply Cladding System
      19mm thick tanelised Spruce wood
      Completely waterproof twin-ply polypropelene inner membrane
      5.5mm hardwood ply finished liner
    • Construction-standard floor
      18mm thick exterior grade Oriented Strand Board (OSB)
      63mm pressure-treated tanelised floor bearers
    • Front & Back
      18mm exterior grade larch plywood
      Primer sealed & paint-ready
    • 5.5m² Skylight
      2mm thick clear polycarbonate skylight
      200 times stronger than 2mm glass
      (Used in construction of fighter plane canopies)
    • Unique Double-Hold Ü-Handle
      Designed to be opened with either free hand.
    • Recycled leather belt door-closer.
      Naturally patinated provenancial 9nner handle.
    • Night latch lock
      Close the door and it locks automatically
    • Grade 13 Door Hinges
      Can hold upto 100Kg of wight hanging on the door
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