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Ühut has a skylight 200 times stronger than glass.

Creating a bright, airy space was always key in the development of the Ühut.

Uhut Skylight

I wanted it to be a lot more usable and friendly than a regular shed, a place that you would actually want to be in and the quality of light is key to this.

Having lots of light also means that if you are storing stuff, it's easier to find and if you are making stuff, it's easier to see!

The challenge in getting so much light into the space is ensuring that it's at least as tough as the rest of the structure as windows are usually the weakest security point in sheds.

After testing a lot of different materials with different characteristics in light transmission, flexibility, hardness, and brittleness we landed on the option used in the manufacture of bullet-proof glass.

That fantastic material is polycarbonate.

It's 200 times stronger than regular glass of the same thickness, flexible enough to create the curve of a Ühut roof (they make fighter plane canopies with it!) and has fantastic light transmission qualities.

Compared to horticultural glass or styrene (the two most common glazing options for sheds & greenhouses), we know that polycarbonate is a far superior glazing product.

It's strength and longevity will give you peace of mind and increase the longevity of your Ühut.

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