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The Borders gets it's first Ühut

Deep in the heart of the beautiful Scottish Borders we've built a bright sunshine-yellow Ühut. It's going to be used by it's owners as a relaxing and bright garden room.

This 10ft x 8ft version has upgraded 19mm thick cladding, adding to the soundproofing and we're so pleased with the results that we are now going to use this thickness as standard on all our builds.

The polycarbonate skylight has created a completely transparent view of the air above and makes it almost as light inside as it is outside.

The oversize door has enabled the owners to fit in their favourite couch so that they can enjoy the starlit nights and sunny mornings with a wee beverage of choice.

Uhut Skylight

Our Borders clients have even decorated the interior with pot plants, the clear roof providing plenty of light for them to thrive. (note to self - would make great potting shed!)

Uhut Oversize Door

View from the house.

Uhut designer shed.

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