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world's biggest uhut

With the biggest whole-roof skylight (over 8m² of unfettered sky) and a massive volume of over 20m³, I spent Friday afternoon and a bit of Saturday evening building the first ever 8813 in Clacmannanshire.

With it's 4m length, this is the limousine version of the ühut and it's a great example of what coould be possible in terms of size in the future.

In order to span the massive roof aperture, the polycarbonate has been upgraded to be 50% thicker and produces the classic, characteristic ühut silhouette.

The interior space is really generous and has the potential to be used for so many more functions. I'm thinking add a bed, wardrobe, power - suddenly you have a teenage think-about-your-behaviour pod or a covid isolation booth.

Altogether an exciting project and a great proof-of-concept for a lovely family.


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