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From ühut to wow! hut

At the southern edge of ühutopia, nestling in a pretty borders valley, sits a one of our very first ühuts.

As a refresh, the owners have completed what can only be described as a complete interior transformation.

The bright and bubbly colour scheme, full to the brim with sunshine yellow and aquatic blue, simply begs you to spend a warm sunny afternoon curled up on the bench with a good book.

Of course, the show-stopping framed mosaic is the centrepiece of the 'sitüterie'. Coupled with the full-roof skylight, you can just imagine sunbeams bouncing off the glass in all sorts of colours.

One of our favourite additions are the potted plants in the corner. Due to the natural light that floods into a ühut, it can be the perfect place to keep any kind of flora.

This amazing use of the the space shows just how versatile a ühut can be.

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