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Upgraded 2018 display ühut ready

I've spent the last 2 weeks preparing a display version of the new 888 with it's upgraded cladding and door hanger.

All this fantasticness for just £1195, built in your garden.

It's now finished with 19mm thick, pressure treated cladding and the door comes resplendent with a complimentary hanging frame for all those spades and forks.

This particular one is shown in architect-friendly, slate coloured 'Ronseal Garden Paint'.

(It's pretty good paint, three coats covers well and you'll need 2.5 litres - bought because it's currently on offer at B&Q £15).

The hardwood liner is nicely set off against the grey. I'm going to put some shelving and a bench in at the weekend to show the ühut's capacity for storage and versatility.

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